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Leadership Development For Senior Executives

Rich Leadership’s senior executive leadership development program equips executives to meet the challenges of their current positions while preparing them for the rigors of more senior management roles. It creates an uncommonly effective and personal relationship that focuses executives on critical issues, improves perspective and insight and teaches them to measurably influence and positively impact their varied constituencies and areas of critical responsibility.

Rich Leadership utilizes an understanding of organizational psychology, human behavior, and a firm grounding in business reality to: 

  • Help executives pinpoint and articulate opportunities for growth and development and assist in the management and remediation of self-defeating behaviors
  • Increase self-awareness regarding the impact of the executive’s personality and managerial style on key constituencies
  • Ensure strategy, plans, goals and objectives are clear and agreed to among all appropriate constituencies
  • Assist executives in effectively and insightfully assessing the environment surrounding them – organizational, financial, cultural – to determine strategies to best navigate and measurably influence those key constituencies
  • Ensure direct reports operate optimally as individuals, managers and as team members
  • Prepare, where appropriate, for increased responsibility, high-risk decision making and the scrutiny that accompanies them

The Leadership Development program is an individually tailored professional advisorship designed to help leaders attain their business goals in a way that’s personally rewarding, and in line with the organization’s long-term goals. The therapeutic relationship created is an alliance between executive and coach that allows for an open exchange of ideas, provides a sounding board and guides the high potential executive toward greater responsibility. 

For exceptional executives interested in continued development and objective feedback, this program is an excellent and unique choice. The program is designed to help the high-potential executive perform at his or her personal best and ensure that institutions maximize their critical investment in human capital. 

“To love what you do and feel that it matters – how could anything be more fun?”

– Katherine Graham

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