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The Leadership Room

Group Coaching + Leadership Development


For top leaders, measurably effective development opportunities are elusive – individual coaching is expensive, classroom learning is limited or too junior, and stretch assignments are not always available.


The Leadership Room (TLR) is an intensive hands-on group coaching program that improves leaders’ effectiveness and accelerates their development by appreciably changing leadership behavior and challenging old assumptions. The payoff is stronger business performance, higher team engagement, and effective succession planning.



  • Expert-facilitated small-group & peer coaching
  • Individualized learning plans
  • 360 feedback & personality assessment
  • 1:1 pre-session calls with each participant & their manager
  • Customizable leadership skills modules
  • Real-time business forums
  • Focus on learning skills, not theory

How it works

  • 10 – 12 participants
  • Four two-day sessions (8 days) in-person over the course of 4.5 months
  • Expert-facilitated group coaching & leadership skill trainings during sessions
  • Ongoing skills practice & peer coaching between sessions
  • Individualized & customizable
  • “Internal” and “external” delivery options
  • Only 10 – 12 participants, allowing for significant individual attention

  • Eight full-day meetings with about 6 weeks between sessions provides time to develop self-awareness and practice new behaviors

  • Group work, peer coaching, and individual meetings + phone calls translate to more than 80 hours of development support

  • Time between meetings allows participants to test new ideas and insights on-the-job and return to the group for “fine-tuning”

  • Expert-facilitators/executive coaches steer the learning agenda, provide thinking and insights, and point out opportunities for participants to model different behaviors. This is complemented by peer coaching, fostering independent and agile learning & encouraging collaboration

  • Each participant presents and solves a current business issue with the group’s active participation. Working on business challenges with peers from other companies or across your company dramatically expands each participant’s business perspective


The program is designed for senior and upper-middle executives with positions such as department head, general manager, VP, and SVP.

The typical TLR participant profile:

  • 10+ years’ experience

  • High-potential or on-track – a “rising” executive

  • Manages managers OR is a high-level individual contributor

  • Has decision-making authority or autonomy


TLR can be used as an internal development program for 10 – 12 people across an organization, or senior leaders can sign up for an “external” program.

Internal TLR program:

  • Design a roster of high-potential leaders to improve performance throughout an organization

  • Choose the location of each session
  • Enable a succession plan by developing leaders who are prepared to advance into their next role

  • Create or work with us to co-create customized modules that address particular business needs and priorities

  • Participants strengthen their internal peer-networks resulting in increased support, efficiency, partnership, camaraderie, and retention

External TLR program:

  • Can be used as an exclusive reward for one or a few high-potential individuals

  • Participants work with peers from different organizations, broadening their business perspective and bringing fresh perspective back into their organizations

  • Can be a safer/anonymous learning environment for discussing individual challenges within their company

  • Smaller financial commitment

Companies who’ve joined the room: