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A Warm Chair and Book
“I will pay more for the ability to deal with people than for any other ability under the sun.”
John D Rockefeller


Leadership Development for CEO's
Executive Development for Senior Executives
Integration Planning for CEO's and Senior Executives in New Positions

It's axiomatic that as individuals progress within an organization it becomes increasingly difficult to hear the unvarnished truth, to get the kind of clear, direct and honest but supportive feedback that will help the individual see and clear obstacles. There are few, if any, meaningful sources of training or guidance for senior executives.

Rich Leadership provides highly personalized coaching and feedback to a select group of CEOs and senior executives. Our coaching is completely dedicated to helping the client reach his or her goals, both personal and professional. We start with the creation of a trusting relationship between the coach and the client. We ascertain goals and objectives. We assess leadership styles and personal characteristics. We gather, and share with the client, confidential feedback from key constituents inside and outside the organization. We help the client understand the cause and cure for conflicts and roadblocks, and we develop a meaningful plan to fix them.

It's important to understand that though we are almost always retained by the organization, our commitment and dedication is to the individual client. Our focus is to help him or her achieve goals and objectives which will inevitably help the organization.

Rich Leadership marries the principles of organizational psychology and human behavior with a clear understanding of business realities. The result is an uncommonly effective relationship—one which is steadfast, discreet and entirely focused on the success of each individual client.

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