Rich Leadership

Investing In Leadership

A Warm Chair and Book
“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
John F. Kennedy


Rich Leadership is a small boutique firm which serves a limited number of clients in a highly specialized way. All the work of the firm is done by senior partners. There is no standard process for the work we do. Each engagement is completely customized to the needs of the executive being served.

Each engagement starts with a meeting between the senior partner and the executive to be served. If it's agreed that a continuing relationship would be beneficial, the engagement might include the following steps:

  • We conduct in-depth meetings between the executive and the senior partner to determine predominant leadership style and key personality characteristics through carefully conceived assessment methodologies
  • We conduct in-depth meetings to understand the executive’s goals and objectives, both personal and professional
  • We determine the cause of issues and concerns the executive has in executing his or her responsibilities
  • We conduct in-depth, highly confidential interviews with key constituents to capture and communicate to the executive the impact of his or her leadership on those constituencies
  • We help the executives see the cause and cure for critical obstacles to success
  • We help the executive see opportunities to build leadership teams and maximize productivity
  • We create measurable steps to improve results and ensure buy-in at all levels. This includes strategic approaches to business challenges and plans to address self-defeating behaviors and strengthen existing attributes and relationships
  • We create a plan to measure progress

Finally, it is the trusting and highly supportive relationship between the senior partner coach and the executive that is empowering and transformative. It should provide not just key information and plans, but build confidence and inspiration to help the executive achieve both business and personal goals.

It is important to understand that though we are retained by the organization our commitment and dedication is to the success of the individual client.